Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Homearama 2009 in Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads VA area is known for its fabulous Homearama events that feature fancy luxury homes with state of the art amenities. But now the market is effecting the future of this event. The Tidewater Builders Association which manages Homearama recently announced that the 2009 event will be in a much less expensive area in The North Suffolk VA area in 2009. It will be interesting to see if the homes sale faster because they will be more affordable. I am glad to see at least one showcase that caters to the middle class. And there is no better time then now. Hopefully in the future they may keep a few affordable options depending how this presentation will go.

The homes will start in the $400,000 range featuring condos and single family homes. Which is a drastic drop from the 08 price range of 1.2 million in Ashville Park in Virginia Beach, VA and the 07 Edinburg Area in Chesapeake, VA. O8 featured luxury green homes, 09 will be a compact version, focused on a mixed use style community, with retail shops, offices, 2500 sq ft homes, condos all with craftsman style architecture. The change to less expensive was made due to the changing economy and the hesitancy of pass builders to participate in 09.

The event w ill be located in a new subdivision called Hampton Roads Crossing, when will be anounced at a later time. Ill be sure to pass on the info it is always a great one of a kind event.

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