Monday, March 9, 2009

Will the uncluttered homes please stand up

After a day of showing property in Hampton Roads I was left baffled at how many sellers do not bother to unclutter or just simply clean up their homes. I went to a home in Norfolk, VA in which I literally stepped over underwear to show the bathroom and had to tell my clients to imagine a shower with out hanging bras. I had gave a days notice so this was not a last minute appt. We looked at a few more homes then wandered in a home in Chesapeake, VA that had to be owned by a person with DISPOSOPHOBIA the fear of getting rid of stuff. This is not the actual home but it looked this bad.

It only takes a moment to council sellers on the proper way to show a home so it will Sell. This is a buyers market and appearance is everything. Take the time to clean of the counters and refrigerator. Its Spring the best time of the year to clean out drawers, closets, and get rid of stuff even furniture you do not need. If its in good shape sell your stuff on ebay, or craigslist.

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