Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hampton Roads Homebuyers Think outside the box when negotiating

Home Inspection addendums are not always about repair request. Some times it may be a call to get creative. In lieu of repairs you may want to:

Ask for a price reduction

Ask for a sellers credit towards closing cost (if your loan will allow it)

Ask for furniture

Ask for the sellers car

Ask for the sellers pet

Ok now I am being silly but you get the idea....... The bottom line is to think outside the box. sometimes there is not enough time for a repair before closing. Sometimes you do not trust the seller to correctly fix an item. It is times like these where thinking out side the box comes in handy.........

This can also be beneficial to a seller who is strapped for cash and does not have the money to make repairs or give credits. Find another item to negotiate thaat the buyer may benefit from.

However buyers, if you for-go a repair remember to address the item as soon as you can after closing especially if it is an item an inspector marked urgent for needing repair.

In the end be sure to go over the report carefully with the inspector so you can understand if there is any potential hazards.


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